Not Sew New seeks to transform the future of fashion by encouraging individuals to authentically express themselves through their clothing and accessories. Ava Lauren, the owner of Not Sew New, aims to unmask the consumerist nature of the fashion industry by spreading awareness of the manipulative marketing schemes that benefit from the vulnerable self-image of its consumers. Not Sew New acknowledges the harmful impact of trend culture and fast fashion, not only negatively affecting the planet but also by forcing the idea of needing to 'keep up' to feel like a valid member of society. 

The perspective on fashion extends beyond clothing at Not Sew New, it's your armour in which you move through the world. They believe that wearing clothing that carries meaning beyond aesthetics is a powerful way to instigate change in the world. Ava’s development of personal style is largely influenced by her experience navigating her identity as a queer person. She acknowledges the courageous movements of generations before her that have allowed her to safely explore her expression in a public space.

This project looks towards a future with a more resourceful outlook on pre-existing materials rather than contributing to the constant stream of brand-new products. Not Sew New prioritises using pre-existing and sustainable materials in all aspects of production.